I’m very excited they are making the Pandora Animal Charms Sale UK free! I will definitely be going to the mall just for that!! And I will also be picking up the very pretty ornament at Christmas time. I have 5 of the previous ornaments on an ornament tree on my dresser in my bedroom. They are all so pretty and very collectible!

You are welcome! The Pandora Birthstone Charms UK Sale is my favourite, too. I’m currently trying to work out what the best way to get one is. The Black Friday charm wasn’t a design I was particularly keen on, but there have been some beautiful live shots floating around and now I’m a bit of a convert. So I’m now undecided about that one! I also tracked down a lot of country exclusives this season, but for Winter I’ll be spending a bit more on the regular collections like you.

The Pandora Essence Charms UK Sale are a must have, but I already have two thread less bracelets and two of the silicone clips. I’ll have to figure out a way to get the lovely boxes. The Snowflake bangle is another must have for me. I’m wondering if it will come in a pretty box. I’m excited to see the Winter release in person and start adding to my collection.

Does anyone know if the free Pandora Family Charms Sale UK promo will be available in Australia? Also, will the promo be available online on Cyber Monday like last year? I’m always excited for free bracelet/bangle promos! My order for the previous promo in UK got cancelled ;( so I’m looking forward to the next! Great review Ellie! I visit your page everyday to check on new posts! Love your blog!!!! Best thing I found since I started collecting last April! Looking forward to your next post already!