Frank Shamrock: ’People think we’re a bunch of dudes on steroids, with tattoos, fighting in a cage’

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Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock is one of the legendary UFC fighters who wrote the history of MMA. He recently also appeared as a guest on Submission radio.

One of the hottest topics was Anderson Silva and his positive results no doping tests. Shamrock shared his views on the issue.

“I was shocked, but I mean it’s been like ten years now that I’ve been shocked. I think we were the only sport that actually allowed athletes to actually do steroids legally, and I don’t even know what that was about. But yeah I mean it appears like the new generation is just, you know thrown the rules aside, make your money. You know the idea of sort of living by the rules and honour and respect have kinda been tossed out the window. I don’t even know what to say about it 'cause, I mean back in the day – which I realize has been some time now – you know it was about the game, and it was about winning the game, and the rules. You know finding a way, finding the solution, finding the shot, finding the technique, finding the position. And now it seems like it’s about something else. It’s about the gimmick, the drug, the thing. And it’s like, the sad part is, I can’t turn it on for my daughter. You know? I can’t share with her the sport that I’ve built. Because it’s like, she’s like "ok I don’t understand. He’s on drugs?". Like I can’t even explain it. And that to me, that concerns me because this is supposed to be martial arts. This is supposed to be how we lead a generation as sports heroes, and I can’t even turn it on for my daughter. That part, it just blows me away. It just blows me away.”

“It’s always been there, but now the culture is like, it’s better to get caught than 'X'. So it’s just different now. Before it’s like, you went down that path, that was a choice, you were a cheater, you were bending the limits. And I didn’t mind fighting those guys 'cause they were never in the right state of mind. They were never focused, and chi'd out, and had a martial vision because they were on something else. So I didn’t mind it and I thought it was a benefit going into a fight; like when I fought Baroni, when I fought giant dudes. I was like "yeah let 'em be all crazy and out of their minds, and also nervous". Because if you’re not putting in the time at the gym and you need a tool like that, then you know it. You know it in your heart and soul. So for me it’s just like, it’s a personal choice. And now I think the personal choice is too easy to make, you know and nothing’s going to happen to these guys. They're going to make millions of dollars and be like "Yep sorry. Sorry fans, I’ve led you astray". Like dude that’s not what it’s supposed to be about. You know Michael Jordan didn’t do that stuff. If we want to be taken seriously in this sport, we need hero’s that stand above and beyond. And it's like until we get that, we're going to be the guys fighting in the cage in our dang spandex,” concluded Shamrock who retired in 2009 with the score of 23-10-2.